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-Known as a superfood because of its 
 high level of antioxidants
-10 times more than the amount 
 of antioxidants found in grapes
-Contains high levels of fatty acids
-Low in sugar
-Healthy combination of A,B, E and K vitamins
-Good source of Omega 3,6 and 9
-Rich source of Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc and Calcium


-Light in taste
-Rich in iron
-Loaded with magnesium
-Packed with alkaline, which assists in the reduction of inflammation
-Full of fiber
-Rich in Vitamin C
-Botanical source of Potassium, Folic Acid and Iron
-Low levels of Natural Sugars
-High in Calcium


-Low in Calories
- High in vitamin A, K & C
-Loaded with antioxidants 
-Has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and 
 antidepressant properties

-Great for cardiovascular support



Our Açai base consists of flash-frozen Açai berries blended at the peak of freshness with ripe fruit to create a smooth sorbet-like texture with no added sugars!


Our Pitaya is mixed with other tropical fruits to create a sweet and delicate base, ready for the toppings of your choice. Don’t let the beautiful color fool you, this base has no added sugars or colors, the pitaya is naturally a beautiful hot pink! 


Kale? In a base? Absolutely! By blending kale with sweet tropical fruits, we have developed a slightly sweet base without adding any sugars. Our kale base has a dedicated fan following that just keeps growing!